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Some years ago the only way that many people could afford a mobile phone was to buy a used one, and that is where we specialised – in selling unlocked, good quality used mobile phones. The price of mobile phones, and more importantly the cost of using them, has dropped dramatically since then.

I remember my first contract gave me something like 60 minutes a month for around £40. The phone itself, an Ericcson, have a battery life of around 3-4 hours if I didn’t use it much, and a tiny orange backlit screen displaying just two lines of text. No internet, music and video players back then. No Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS for sat nav, or anything like that. Calls and texts were just about all you got.

Texting is now relatively cheap with many contract and pay as you go deals including thousands of free, or if you prefer, inclusive texts per month, but originally text messages were not charged for by the networks as they had no means of recording who had sent what. In fact back in 1999 networks did not allow you to send texts to other mobile phone users unless they were on the same network!

The major players back then were Nokia, Ericsson – long before they linked up with Sony – Motorola and Panasonic. Nobody had ever heard of Samsung, HTC, or BlackBerry in the mobile phone world and Apple’s iPhone was still just a dream in the head of the late Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder.

Nowadays we take for granted our mobile phones yet even the cheaper smartphones are capable of connecting you around the world, video calls via app such as Skype, watching live TV, viewing and recording HD video and stunning photography and with literally millions of apps available from Windows, Apple and Google’s Android (Play market) you can do almost anything you want!

Even a basic handset will do much more than calling and texting with cameras, video, music players, FM radios and even browsing the internet being standard features on all but the very rock bottom priced phones. We review EVERY phone we offer with ratings based on value for money for the features offered and quality of the handset.

Now that mobile phones have become much more affordable we concentrate on bringing you the best deals direct from the UK’s major networks. and because we ONLY deal directly you can be sure that there are no dodgy deals here, no hidden costs or charges, just top quality genuine offers from the major players. We do not believe you should have to take a risk when you are purchasing your new mobile phone or contract. If a retailer is trying to entice you by offering dubious contracts or offers we have an answer to that. We simply do not work with them and you will not find them on this site.

Our links take you DIRECT to the networks own websites so you can be absolutely sure that you are not going to be duped into a dodgy contract. You will always get a cooling off period where you can change your mind, return the handset and cancel the contract without obligation if you are not satisfied for any reason so you can order with total peace of mind. You can also feel secure in the knowledge that your phone will always be guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase.

New products, deals and offers are being added all the time so please bookmark us or add us to your favourites. Look out for our regular EXCLUSIVE special offers too. The networks offer us some stunning deals from time to time, many of which can not be found even on their own sites! Finally, all items displayed are in stock and dispatched from the UK.

Mike Leader

We always try to ensure the information on this website is accurate and up to date. If you see an error please feel free to contact us at enquiries@1stMobile.co.uk

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