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The iconic Swiss manufacturers have produced a new easy to use phone with alarm and medical assist features which are particularly designed to be helpful to the elderly and infirm

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Doro manufacture easy to use phones with large high contrast screens, big buttons and features which may be helpful for the older or infirm user. We look at what the Doro PhoneEasy 621 has to offer you.

The latest offering from the Swedish manufacturers is a flip phone, also known as a clamshell, which flips open and comes with a charging dock cradle so there is no need to struggle with having to plug in fiddly charger cables. The flip design means it is impossible to press any buttons accidentally when the phone is in a bag or pocket, and the flip-to-answer, close-to-hang-up system is simplicity itself. You never need to touch a single button to answer and hang up a call.

Large buttons

The large numeric keypad is clear and easy to see and is illuminated when in use. Just above that there are two favourite number buttons which can be easily programmed to whatever numbers you choose. Next to these are two more buttons, one to activate the camera and another to access text messages. Above these there are call answer and call end buttons, coloured green and red for easy recognition. All very straightforward.

Simplified menu system

On the 2.4 inch screen the text and numbers are very large and easy to read and the text size is adjustable. Doro have also simplified what was an already simple to use menu even further. You will find that this is a very easy to operate mobile phone and very practical to use. The colour screen also acts as a viewfinder for the camera, which again is simple to use. One press of the camera button starts the camera function and a second press takes the picture. The camera is a basic 2 megapixel affair but photo quality is good, outdoors at least, and photos can be shared as message attachments or via Bluetooth. You can also record and send short video messages.

Emergency features

Doro's acclaimed ICE - In Case of Emergency - application is included here. You can add in all kinds of information such as date of birth, blood type, medication taken, emergency numbers, allergies and so on. A one-touch emergency alarm button is featured on the outer casing but is recessed to prevent accidental use. It has to be held down for a few seconds or pressed twice to activate it, when it will send a predefined text message to up to three phone numbers and ring one number you have previously chosen as your emergency number. The PhoneEasy 621 is also compatible for use with T4/M4 hearing aids, hence the presence of Bluetooth, and meets HAC compatibility standards.

Additional features

This is a 3G handset which is refreshing, offering extended coverage and to use in conjunction with the HD Voice audio feature for extra clarity although this is network dependent. Basic handsets often only work on a 2G signal. An alarm clock and calculator are included as well as an FM radio. There is a loudspeaker function which is loud and clear, though audio quality isn't particularly high. However you can play the radio through the speaker, through a wired headset (the included headset in the box acts as the antenna) or through a Bluetooth cordless headset. You can also change the colour themes, font sizes and menu format so it looks exactly how you want it to for even more intuitive ease of use.

Our summary

This is a basic, easy to use handset that isn't going to pull up any trees but for the target audience Doro have made a mobile phone that does what it says on the tin, and does it very well. The ICE emergency feature is always a welcome feature of Doro phones and we particularly like the charging cradle, which makes it very easy to recharge the phone by simply dropping the phone into it. However some of the buttons need quite a firm press which might be an issue for frail hands.

But the main issue is the lack of a caller notification screen on the outer casing. This means that you can not see who is calling until you have opened the flip and answered the call. We have seen much flip phones previously that have colour notification screens that cost much less than the Doro PhoneEasy 621 so it loses marks from us for this. Overall though this is another fine effort from Doro which will please it's target market.