FREE O2 Sim Cards – ‘Unlimited’ tariff

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This tariff has now been incorporated into the International tariff and sims now come with at least 100MB data and international calls from just 1p a minute. Plus all the O2 to O2 calls and texts you want.

Top up with £10 or more and use your credit however you wish, plus these FREE extra benefits each month:

  • 3000 O2 to O2 minutes and texts
  • 100MB data
  • 4G ready

Top up with £15 or more and get your free calls, texts and 250MB of free data on top of your credit:

  • 3000 O2 to O2 minutes and texts
  • 250MB data
  • 4G ready

With this Pay As You Go tariff you do not have to top up each month if you don’t need to, but you will only get these extra benefits if you do. They will start again as soon as you top up again if you go past the 30-day period. You still get to keep your credit.

We highly recommend these for the light user who doesn’t need to top up regularly, but you can swap to ANY current O2 tariff once a month simply buy making a free call to O2 by dialling 2202 from this sim.

You will need an O2 or Unlocked mobile phone to use this sim card.

To order simply fill in your details below.


  • Your details must be valid (FULL Name, address, VALID email address for order verification)
  • MAXIMUM 4 sims per person/household.
  • Business addresses not accepted
  • Repeat orders not accepted

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