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HTC 8X review – Premium Windows Phone 8 smartphone

We’re familiar with HTC’s generally excellent android smartphones such as the HTC One and the good news is that the top notch build quality that is a hallmark of HTC can be seen here

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Welcome to our HTC 8X Windows Phone review

First impressions count as they say and the HTC Windows 8X does not disappoint. The polycarbonate casing follows a familiar styling with a curved rear panel contrasting with the flat front panel creating a case that has a velvety touch and is very comfortable to hold. The 132 gram weight feels just right too, and is around 30 grams lighter than the Nokia equivalent. It’s difficult to make a smartphone stand out given that you are effectively looking at a slab of screen but We like the attractive minimalistic design of the HTC 8X, especially the way the screen curves slightly at the edges which actually makes it better to use.

High resolution HD 4.3 inch screen

The HTC 8X is obviously going to be compared with Nokia’s Lumia range of Windows 8 handsets and is probably closest to the Nokia Lumia 820, which has the same size screen at 4.3 inches. However at the HTC’s Gorilla Glass 2 display is a higher resolution than the Nokia at 1280×720 and a class leading 341 pixels per inch which gives you 720p HD. We feel that the colours on HTC phones are more natural looking and less gaudy than some other brands and this is the case here, with bright and beautiful colour which doesn’t scream out at you.

It’s the best display we have seen on a Windows 8 phone. We also like the seamless look of the full glass front, with integrated buttons beneath the glass and below the screen. Just the body coloured speaker grille at the top breaks it up.

Dual cameras

You will like the unique ultra-wide-angle camera up top too, so you can get a self portrait of a group or the surrounding scenery or backdrop. The rear camera also features the wide angle feature too alongside a wealth of customisable features and it performs well in low light which is something we don’t see very often.

Your pictures will be sharp and clear, video is recorded in 1080p HD and the overall quality of photos and video is exceptional. The camera has was all phones should have too, a dedicated camera button on the side of the phone, made of aluminium.

Windows Phone 8 apps

While Windows Phone 8 does not have as many apps as android and Apple’s iOS we are still talking about over 150,000 apps which is enough to satisfy even the most app-hungry amongst you. You also have the advantage of being able to connect with your Xbox Live account. Titles are limited here but there is the great advantage of being able to trial video games before purchase. The powerful Qualcomm snapdragon processor paired with 1GB of RAM means this phone is absolutely rapid, helped no end by the fact the the Windows Phone 8 operating system uses far less power than any other platform.


This also increases battery life too, though sadly the sealed polycarbonate casing means you can’t swap it when it runs low. There is no memory card slot either so you will have to make do with the 16GB onboard memory but this will be more than enough for the vast majority of you. With the ability to easily transfer most of your files over the air to your computer or a cloud storage account very cheaply we think it is relatively pointless to spend too much money on extra built-in smartphone storage.

Audio and connectivity

Beats Audio is included as it is on all HTC’s premium smartphones, and this built in amplifier does a superb job of improving sound quality which is best enjoyed through a stereo headset or a decent set of speakers. Stereo Bluetooth is also featured so you can go wireless. Speaking of which, Wi-Fi is of course here too and you will also find NFC, GPS and USB connectivity.


We believe the HTC 8X Windows phone can proudly claim to be amongst the best you can buy and we are very happy to recommend it. You will not be disappointed whether you are upgrading from an older Windows phone or from android or Apple’s iOS. If you fancy a change or if this is your first foray into smartphone territory you will not be disappointed

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