Huawei Ascend Y210

Budget Android Smartphone

Huawei Ascend Y210 review, rating and latest UK deals and offers

Yet another great budget all rounder from Huawei who regularly offer decent quality and plenty of features at affordable prices

Our rating

EXCLUSIVE to from just £5 a month

Huawei Ascend Y210

  1. £7.50 a month
  2. 300 minutes
  3. 600 MB DOUBLE data
  4. UNLIMITED texts
  5. TalkTalk EXCLUSIVE!

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Main features

  1. Compact pocketable size screen
  2. 3.5 inch touchscreen
  3. Solid build quality
  4. Dual sound video recording
  5. Memory card slot

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by Mike Leader

While there is always a place for an affordable android smartphone, the Huawei Ascend Y210 brings affordable to a whole new level with this excellent handset on offer for just pocket money

Any smartphone for under £10 a month represents value but the Ascend Y210 actually offers a very decent phone in with the mix, for less money than some networks charge for an airtime an data plan alone.

This isn't going to see you posting your iPhone 6 or Sony Xperia Z2 on ebay as specification is decidedly entry level but it is a great way to start your android experience and is even cheap enough to buy as a spare.

Sturdy casing

You get a compact 3.5 inch screen in an uneventful but sturdy black casing, with what most would consider a thick 12.4mm depth, but what it does do is remarkably takes you back to a day when phones were naturally comfortable to hold.

This was in days of yore, before they became embroiled in a race to produce ever thinner casings that often threaten to slip right between your fingers, and occasionally have you wondering if you are going to slice off one or two of your precious digits.

Clear and bright screen

The 165 pixel per inch density is again what you would expect of an entry level phone but the TFT capacitive touchscreen is bright and clear, and only the smallest text has you wanting to zoom in closer.

It's fine for everyday use and colours are clear and bright. however the compact size means the onscreen keyboard is quite small so you will find you switching the phone to landscape mode when typing.

Expandable memory

The phone runs everyday tasks smoothly thanks to the probably over powered 1GHz processor, and the 512MB of RAM memory is plenty for this type of phone which doesn't place any heavy duty load on it.

However internal memory is a rather skimpy 256MB although this can be ramped up to 32GB with a memory card, and Huawei say there is a 4GB card in the box, though do check with your network as this may not be universal. But it's good to see the card slot, something not always available on many more expensive handsets.

Good basic camera

The camera is also a pretty standard 2 megapixel unit but is surprisingly good despite the low resolution, and in fact probably benefits from the lack of steadiness needed on those phones with high megapixels cameras.

Snapshots are surprisingly bright and clear, with option such a colour effects, white balance and quality available.

Video recording is also commendable with sound from two microphones, front and back. This means that for example you could narrate a street scene whilst shooting it, picking up your voice clearly and the sounds in front of you. Great for outdoor parties or BBQ meets!

Decent feature set

Features include Wi-Fi, an FM radio, Bluetooth and GPS for satellite navigation which is ideal for use with apps such as those that can help you locate your car such as the Find My Car app on Android's Play market, one of our top 100 Android apps. You also have access to over a million other Android apps and games.

Our summary

This won't take on the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8 but it was never intended to. As an entry level phone it does the basics but it does them very well and works smoothly. The camera may be low in resolution but that saves on memory space and results of outdoor snapshots, which is all you ever use your cameras for anyway, are better than you have any right to expect.

As a first phone, perhaps for a younger or older person, or even as a first foray into android the Huawei Ascend Y210 is a delight and might leave many of you wondering why you would even want to any pay more for your smartphone life.

Huawei Ascend Y210 UK Price Comparison

Don't worry, you can change price plans and options such as colours before you decide to buy. Other plans are available

Latest UK offers TalkTalk network UK

£10 a month
500 minutes
1 GB data
FREE handset
£20 a month
2000 mins
4 GB data
FREE handset
Value Plan
Just £5 a month
100 minutes
250 texts
200 MB data
FREE handset
Model: Huawei Ascend Y210
Available in black
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Huawei Ascend Y210 full specifications

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1. 3.5 inch display
2. Android 2.3 Gingerbread
3. 2 megapixel camera
4. Expandable (up to) 32GB memory
5. Wi-Fi
6. Email

Version 2.3 Gingerbread

Wi Fi
Micro SD card slot

3.5 inch Colour Screen
320 x 480 pixels
165 ppi pixel density

2 megapixel camera
Video recording 480p @ 30 fps

Predictive Text
Instant Messaging

Display Size 3.5 inches (320x480 pixels)
Standby Time
Talk Time
Dimensions 117 x 62 x 12.4 mm
Battery Size 1700 mAh

MP3 Player
MP3 Ringtones
Stereo Bluetooth

Internet Browsing
Social Networking

Speaker phone

Internal Memory 256MB
Expandable memory up to 32GB via microSD

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