LG Optimus L5 ii (E460)

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LG Optimus L5 II (E460) review, rating and latest UK deals and offers

The LG L5 ii is massively improved over the original L5 with a faster processor, larger battery, better camera and much more besides

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LG Optimus L5 ii

  1. £12.50 a month
  2. FREE handset
  3. 300 minutes
  4. 300 MB data
  5. UNLIMITED texts
  6. TalkTalk EXCLUSIVE!

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Main features

  1. 4 inch IPS LCD screen
  2. 5 megapixel autofocus camera with flash
  3. Multicolour notification LED
  4. Memory card slot
  5. Quick Memo

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by Mike Leader

The LG Optimus L5 II is of course the latest version of the popular budget LG android handset, and now offers even better value with a faster processor, higher resolution screen, bigger battery and improved camera.

Bright and sharp 4 inch screen

The 4 inch screen - that's the same size as the iPhone 5 - is of the IPS type which offers better viewing angles, brighter and sharper colours and is much easier to see in bright light such as when using it outdoors.

Neat notification light

Below the screen is a physical Home button with a surrounding illuminated notification light which changes colour depending on the event in progress, for example red for low battery, green for an incoming text message.

This is also customisable so you can choose the colours and notifications you want. It's a neat touch which may at first seem trivial but it allows you to see what is going on without having to fire up the screen.

There is also a useful one-touch button on the side which is used to bring up LG's Quick Memo app but it can be customised to open just about any app you like.

Average but capable power

The 1GHz processor is about average for a phone at this price point and confirms that this is not a phone intended for heavy graphics work, and while it may not be lightning fast it will run your everyday tasks, play music and allow you to view your photos with ease.

Signs of lag have been reported by some users when surfing the net but we saw none, so it's worth bearing in mind that this was likely caused by a poor Wi-Fi signal. The processor should be powerful enough to keep things ticking along smoothly and that was our overall experience.

More importantly, while the 480 x 800 pixel resolution sounds low compared with the top end smartphones, the 4 inch screen size means that text and photos will appear crisp and clear with only the tiniest text requiring you to zoom in, using a two finger pinch action, to read it clearly as is the case with any phone.

Memory card slot enhances storage options

4GB of storage space is not over generous but LG have included a MicroSD memory card slot, something you will find missing on a lot of budget handsets.

Memory cards right up to 32GB are accepted thus enabling you to store just about as many photos and music tracks as you will need.

The amount of files you can actually store on 32GB is in fact dependent on the size of each file, but you would easily be able to store over 4,000 mp3 music tracks

Improved 5 megapixel camera

The 5 megapixel camera is much improved over the last model, which an LED flash, geotagging and autofocus now included which is impressive for a budget handset.

Pictures are sharp and clear and the IPS screen really brings out the colours, though in low light they quickly begin to fade and you are soon finding how useful that LED flash is.

Overall this is as good a camera as we have seen on a number of more expensive handsets.

Classy connections options

Dual band Wi-Fi, along with Wi-Fi Hotspot and WI-Fi direct capabilities head up an admirable connectivity list, which also features GPS for sat nav and geotagging, stereo Bluetooth, and NFC to transfer files by touching a similarly enabled device, often used in contactless payments.

You can enjoy your music through the built in music player and a stereo FM radio with RDS, which displays the station name, is also included. You also get a 3.5mm headphone socket, USB connectivity and Google's voice control features.

The LG Optimus L5 II runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean but an upgrade to the latest version 4.4.2 'KitKat' is promised in 2014.

Our summary

In it's own right the L5 is a very good, well featured handset offering plenty of additional features such as the radio, dual band wi-fi and NFC which is admirable on a budget handset. It's not the prettiest to look at although if you're not into black then white, pink and a colour LG call 'Titan' are available.

We always think this is a moot point as most people will use a case or cover anyway. In terms of value for money though you will be hard pressed to find a handset that has as many features as the LG Optimus L5 II.

If you want a slightly larger screen you can always opt for the Optimus L7 ii which also has an 8 megapixel camera, as long as you bear in mind that the same 480 x 800 pixel count on the larger 4.3 inch screen means less pixels per inch.

This in turn means that the L5's screen actually has a higher resolution as the pixels are divided over a smaller area, though of course the reality is that there is very little in it.

In fact we're slightly puzzled at the need for both the L5 and L7 as screen and of course price aside they are virtually identical.

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Model: LG Optimus L5 ii (E460)
Available in black or white
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