Top 10 Tips for extending your smartphone battery life


Smartphones are becoming more and more popular. A smartphone is basically a handheld computer, with thousands of programs (known as “Apps”) now available.

The major drawback of these phones is battery life. Phones now come with ever larger screens, enhanced features such as Wi-Fi, GPS for satellite navigation and more and more powerful processors. All of these, as well as having a number of programs or apps running simutaneously in the background eat into battery life, and while these tips have been designed with Google Android phones in mind similar procedures apply to all handsets.

Sadly most people think that they have a faulty phone or battery which is almost certainly not the case.

If your battery is draining quicker than you expect it to, for example if it loses a percentage of it’s charge in a short time, overnight or straight after charging then the cause is almost 99.9% certain to be due to apps and features running on your phone that needn’t be.

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1. KILL (close) all apps you are not using. Install an app such as Advanced Task Killer from Android Market which will close several apps quickly and safely. Apple iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry have similar apps. The Weather app on many phones is a big power drainer, and it is worth checking to see how often it updates – default is often set to one hour which will simply use your power up. Also check to see how often your email client checks for updates, and any other apps that might behave in the same way such as Facebook.

2. TURN OFF features such as Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth when you are not using them. NFC can be left on as it uses almost no power!

3. TURN OFF mobile data until you need to download anything or check your email. not only will you save your battery, you can also run up large bills if you go over your data allowance.

4. SWITCH to 2G instead of 3G particularly if you rarely use internet features without using Wi-Fi, your calls and texts won’t be affected and you will save a lot of battery power.

5. Use any built-in or installed power saving features, they can really make a difference

6. Use auto brightness settings or turn down the brightness a notch or two

7. Turn your phone off overnight while you sleep – you won’t need it! Many smartphones now have ‘Sleep’ timers which shut the phone down and wake it up again at times you can set yourself.

8. Upgrade to the latest firmware version when available, they often include power saving improvements.

9. Try to fully charge your battery each time as it will generally perform better on a regular charging cycle rather than if charged erratically.

10. Finally, search the internet! Every phone is different and there are plenty of forums out there with a wealth of hints and tips for your particular phone, and you don’t usually have to join to read them.


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