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In this Nokia C3-01 review we take a look at the latest ‘ordinary’ phone offered to us by Finland’s most famous exporter

This basic style handset (think pre-smartphone) is what the industry has now decided to dub a “feature phone”. We can only assume this is to make them sound more interesting to those people who don’t want a smartphone. That said, we cannot argue that this phone is certainly feature packed.

Solid, steel casing

But enough of that nonsense. What is the Nokia C3-01 actually like in practice? Well you get a classically styled, solidly built mobile phone that is indeed classic Nokia design. It’s a good solid phone weighing just 100 grams with a stainless steel chassis and rear cover which Nokia have almost certainly styled on the hugely popular 6300 – yes it really is 6 years since millions of us made that our handset of choice – and the later Nokia 6700 from which it obviously takes it’s design cues.

2.4 inch touchscreen

The 2.4 inch 262,000 colour screen has served Nokia well over the years and it lives on here. It is bright and colourful and it’s touchscreen these days too but it’s resistive rather than capacitive so it will take a little stronger poking and prodding to see any action. It works well though and if you have never used a capacitive touchscreen such as those on the top smartphones you will not be aware of the difference and you will find it very easy to use.

5 megapixel camera

There is a respectable 5 megapixel camera with 4 x digital zoom and LED flash and this is at least as good as any similar smartphone camera, but video recording is only VGA at 15 frames per second. The size and resolution limitations of the screen inevitably mean that you will need to print or upload your photos to your computer to see them at their best, but the quality will pleasantly surprise you.

Multiformat music player

Nokia also includes a multiformat media player which plays every popular format as well as a stereo FM radio with RDS which displays the name of the station you are listening to. It’s a useful feature when you are searching for stations or in an unfamiliar area, and the 3.5mm audio socket means you can use your favourite headphones if you don’t like the ones in the box. Stereo Bluetooth means you can also send your music and calls through cordless speakers or headsets. We’re pleased to report that sound quality is up to Nokia’s usual admirable standards.

Connectivity and storage

Connectivity includes Wi-Fi, 3G and USB so web browsing, messaging including email and downloading files is quick and easy, though the screen isn’t best suited to internet viewing. Internal memory is decidedly average for this type of phone at 30MB but the Nokia C3-01 does support MicroSD memory cards right up to 32GB capacity so you will never be short of storage for your music and pictures, and as flash memory is much cheaper these days it is actually a better option than paying for a device with built in storage in our opinion.

Our summary

Battery standby is up to 440 hours but talk time is a slightly disappointing five and a half hours quoted maximum. However fans of classic Nokia mobile phones will not be disappointed with the Nokia C3-01. The wife might struggle then but talk time aside there is nothing to really dislike about this attractive “feature phone”. If you want a thoroughly decent handset with excellent build quality and feature set but do not want to feel pushed down the smartphone road then the Nokia C3-01 is a highly recommended alternative.

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