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Nokia Lumia 1320 review, rating and latest UK deals and offers

The Nokia Lumia 1320 is a leviathan of a Windows 8 smartphone with a 6 inch screen and a raft of top end features at a reasonable price. We take a look at how it all comes together

Our rating

Nokia tells us the new Lumia 1320 Windows 8 smartphone is big and beautiful. Well it's certainly big, but we're not sure beautiful is how we would describe this 6 inch slab of mobile phone that is bordering on tablet size

Six inches of screen certainly gives you a bigger picture, of that there is no doubt but we're not really sure what the target market is for this giant smartphone. It's a little too big to be of practical use as a phone - most of us are going to look as if we are trying to shield our faces rather than answer a call when we hold this leviathan to our ears, while anybody wanting a Windows 8 tablet we think are going to buy exactly that.

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That 6 inch screen

With a pixel size of 720 x 1280 it offers 720p HD rather than full HD, and on a screen this size it is a little obvious. However, a pixel density of 245 means that your viewing experience will not be too shabby and it's a good experience overall. The blocky tile style of Windows 8 means it doesn't matter too much for using apps but for watching video, something most of those of you buying something with a screen this big are likely to use it for more than the average smartphone user, it might make a difference. That said, because you still get 720p it is more obvious when viewing text rather than video so it should not be an issue for those movie buffs amongst you.


It's affordable price makes it accessible to most of those people who are looking for just such a device, and that price point is perhaps the important selling point of the Lumia 1320.

If you want full HD you do of course have the option of the similar but higher specified full HD version in the form of the Nokia Lumia 1520 but of course you will need deeper pockets.

The 1320 does have Gorilla Glass 3 covering the whole of the front and the screen is a clear and bright IPS LCD type with ClearBlack technology so it looks completely black when switched off. More improtantly, colours are bright and punchy when in use.


What is of concern is that the weight, all of 220 grams - that's almost half a pound in weight to us old 'uns - and that means this is quite a hefty piece of kit. Nokia's Lumia range all tend to tip the scales at a higher weight than most comparable smartphones and while sometimes this adds to the solid, quality feel of their handsets, on this occasion it definitely borders on the uncomfortably heavy.

It also has a cheap, plasticky feel too somewhat like the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is unusual for Nokia as we have become used to them producing quality casings for their handsets. It's not bad but it's not Nokia's brilliant best we have to say.

Plenty of power

Processing power is a more than ample 1.7 GHz from the dual core Snapdragon processor which will keep this huge smartphone ticking along very nicely, especially as Windows Phone 8 operating system is not as power hungry as Android. You will not be left wanting for more power.

We're not going to say too much about the camera - it's a fairly standard and slightly disappointing 5 megapixel affair, and it's not the type of device you are going to want to use as your everyday camera that's for sure. It's OK, no more, but it does include an LED flash and auto focus.

Our summary

This is an admirable attempt by Nokia to produce an affordable mega screen smartphone, and what it does it does very well for the most part at this price point. We're still not sure if there is really a market for it though as those shopping for this type of device might just feel that they prefer to go the whole hog and pay the extra premium for the Nokia Lumia 1520.

But if you want a 6 inch screened Windows smartphone for under £300 then it fits the bill perfectly, notwithstanding the fact that it doesn't actually have a lot of competition. Of the two though our recommendation has to go to it's higher specified brother, the Lumia 1520

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