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Nokia Lumia 620 review – Windows Phone 8

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Nokia promised us a budget Windows Mobile 8 phone and it arrives in the form of the Nokia Lumia 620. Sporting a similar curvy case to the larger, higher-end Nokia Lumia 820 this latest offering certainly looks the part. But are looks deceiving?

Thankfully no. Nokia have in fact produced a stunning value for money Windows smartphone and it is just as colourful as the rest too with back covers, also known as shells, available in the bright and deep pastel shades of red, blue, green, yellow, white and black.

Curvacious body

It’s 129 gram weight gives it a chunky solid feel, possibly a fraction heavier than you would expect for it’s size but it is a trait that carries across the whole Nokia Lumia range. The slightly heavier than average weight actually adds to the solid feel and like the rest of the range it also means it is easy in the hand as well as on the eye. Notably a curvier shape has been adopted here which is a distinct change from the Nokia Lumia 520.

Sharp, colourful screen

The 3.8 inch screen size may seem small compared with some of the leviathans on sale today but it is only marginally smaller than the iPhone 4 – no mean feat for a budget handset, though of course it’s not a challenger to the iPhone 4 but it shows how much Nokia have crammed in for your money. You will like the sharp crisp colourful screen too with the now famous live tiles that make up the Windows Phone 8 interface and the 480 x 800 resolution means you get a sharp 246 pixels per inch for a pleasant viewing experience. It won’t blow your mind but it should not give you a viewing inferiority complex either.

Quality camera

A 5 megapixel camera with LED flash again produces superb pictures, something we keep reporting as a winning factor on Nokia Lumia handsets but the quality really did impress us here especially for an entry level handset. Camera customisation is fairly basic but does include autofocus and geo-tagging. There are several free downloadable apps available from Nokia to customise your photos in various ways which make your shots a little more interesting. HD video recording is possible too, recording 720p at 30 frames per second. Nokia also include a front facing videocalling camera.

Sufficient power

Snapdragon provide the 1GHz dual core processor which combined with 512MB of RAM is more than ample for a Windows Phone. The Windows operating system doesn’t tax it’s resources as heavily as an Android phone would.

Another feature that catches the eye is Nokia’s excellent built-in satellite navigation app, Nokia Drive. Included flash memory is the expected 8GB at this price point but you can ramp this up with a microSD memory card right up to 64GB.

Our summary

We like the Nokia Lumia 620 far more than we expected to. It is probably intended for those who don’t want or need to run power apps but it makes a superb introduction to Windows Phone 8 which is very different from Android, and perhaps a little less so, than Apple’s iOS. If you fancy a change of scene this is a pleasing introduction to Windows on a very likeable mobile phone

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