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Nokia Lumia 720 review – Windows Phone 8

Nokia are determined to produce a Windows phone for all tastes and pockets and the Nokia Lumia 720 is a mid range smartphone within this range that will prove to be very capable for most people without breaking the bank

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The Lumia 720 shares it’s fabulous design with the rest of the Lumia family, such that whether you opt for the entry level Nokia Lumia 620 or the new 4G Lumia 920. You would need to put them side by side to tell the difference.

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Gorilla Glass touchscreen

Sitting somewhere in the middle then, the Lumia 720 still sports a Gorilla Glass 2 touchscreen, 4.3 inches in size a-la Samsung Galaxy S2, surrounded by a solid polycarbonate cover. The 800 x 480 screen has a respectable resolution with a pixel density of 216 pixels per inch, but that is below HD level and in fact it is slightly lower than is seen on the cheaper-still Lumia 620. Both screens offer the same resolution but oddly the 620 actually has a better pixel density of 246 PPI because of the slightly smaller 3.8 inch screen.

The slight curve towards the edges is perfect for swiping and is a superb design touch, although ironically you won’t even realise it until you use a phone that has a completely flat screen again. As with all the Lumias in the range that screen looks superb even in bright sunlight and from any angle. The resolution is fine for this smartphone and suits the tiled Windows 8 interface perfectly.

Ample power

The processor is a 1GHz dual core unit which though classed as mid range these days it still packs enough punch for super smooth browsing and video playback. The Windows operating system generally takes up less resources than the equivalent Android phone so it is more than enough for the Nokia but if you are a power user just 512MB of RAM means you won’t want to have too many power-hungry apps running at once but most of you will find it sufficient for everyday tasks.

Excellent camera

Nokia are renowned for decent camera phones and I am happy to report that the unusually sized 6.7 megapixel camera on the Lumia 720 is up to scratch, producing superb bright and clear photographs and videos. But like most cameras of this type it suffers a little in low light and unlike it’s bigger brother, the Lumia 920, it doesn’t include image stabilisation. An LED flash is present but we have always found them to be of limited use on any camera phone; you probably will too. Meantime the front of the phone sports a 1.2 megapixel videocalling camera.

Ample storage

Storage is a reasonable 8GB and the phone accepts memory cards up to 32GB. We still prefer the memory card slot outside of the battery cover so it is pleasing to find the slot for this on the left hand side of the phone, though you will need a small tool to pull it out. That there is one at all could be considered a bonus these days. Finally, we have to mention the excellent battery life which lasted over two days of reasonably average use – the sort of use which would normally have you reaching for your charger at the end of the first day.

Our summary

There is nothing not to like about the Nokia Lumia 720. Some might prefer a higher resolution screen, especially if you have had one before but in practice you don’t really notice it. Here at 1st Mobile we are not sure that Nokia really needed the Lumia 720 alongside the 620, 820 and 920 but then you could argue that Sony don’t need a dozen different Xperias or Samsung a seemingly never ending list of Galaxies! At the end of the day it is down to personal preference, but whichever Lumia Windows 8 smartphone you choose

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  1. Nokia has labelled the Lumia 1020 as a ‘super smartphone.’ The reason Nokia wants you to buy the phone is the huge collection of games, apps and songs you can access through the app store.

    The main feature of Lumia 1020 is 41MP camera and the features surrounding it.The Nokia Lumia 1020 is definitely the best smartphone for Windows Phone 8 consumers.

    But if you want to buy this or any other smartphones,you should compare the popular smartphones and choose the one which suits your needs best.

    • Thanks for your input. “Super smartphone” is what many consider it to be but here at 1st Mobile we don’t like to get too carried away with overhyped descriptions!

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