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Nokia Lumia 730, 735 review, rating and latest UK deals and offers

The Nokia Lumia 735 is an achievement in itself. The Microsoft owned company have managed to produce a phone with the same screen size and near resolution as the iPhone 6 for a third of the price! So let's see what else this midrange Windows phone has to offer you

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The Nokia 735 is the 4G version of the identical Nokia 730

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Nokia Lumia 735

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NOKIA Lumia 735



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Main features

  1. 4.7 inch ClearBlack OLED screen
  2. 6.7 megapixel main camera
  3. 5 megapixel HD front facing 'selfie' camera
  4. Wireless charging built in
  5. Windows Mobile 8.1

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by Mike Leader

The Nokia Lumia 735 is a phone that emphasises the most astonishing thing about Windows Phone, that being the inexplicable lack of take-up amongst buyers. This is the 4G version of the Nokia 730, which is otherwise identical.

Why the lack of sales? That is the question that has puzzled many of us in the mobile phone world, because the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system is a triumph of simplicity, with form, function and style included as part of the package.

Stylish and strong

That would be the phone, not me! Style comes in the form of a wonderfully designed casing which has a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen that curves off at the edges in similar fashion to the brilliant Lumia 930, and this really enhances your experience when sliding and swiping and looks as if it almost floats above the strong polycarbonate casing.

Like the 930 you get a choice of dayglow orange or green, and black or white for the less adventurous of you. This time the covers are interchangeable as you can access the replaceable battery.

The phone looks like a one-piece but the back panel is in fact removable, offering access to the replaceable battery, sim card and memory card slots. It's beautifully glossy and curves around at the edges to enhance grip, while the edges border the "floating" screen.

It looks absolutely superb, and feels solid in keeping with the renowned top notch build quality of the Lumia range.

Fabulous ClearBlack 4.7 inch OLED screen

The phone is The first Nokia Windows phone to feature an OLED screen which will produce sharper, clearer images while the amazing ClearBlack technology will ensure that you will not be able to see where the work area of the screen ends as it blends remarkably into the surrounding black bezel.

The 4.7 inch screen feels just the right size and indeed is the same size as the iPhone 6 offers. At 312 pixels per inch it is just a few pixels short of the 326 PPI density of Apple's smallest of it's two latest flagship offerings, the other one of course being the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus.

15GB free Microsoft storage

That in itself is pretty amazing when you consider that the Lumia 735 costs around a third of the price of the iPhone 6, and the iPhone doesn't have enhancements like an FM radio built in or a memory card slot.

Meanwhile this phone can accept memory cards right up to 128GB, and although you only get a fairly low amount of 8GB internal storage Microsoft are offering a you free additional 15GB of online cloud storage in the OneDrive folder, effectively giving you a generous 23Gb of storage space in total.

Other enhancements include High Brightness mode which ensures readability in bright sunlight while Supersensitive touch mode, which is adjustable, means that you can even operate your Lumia 730 or 735 with gloves which will be very handy for those cold British winter days.

5 Megapixel 'selfie' camera

Another first for Nokia is the front facing 5 megapixel camera.

The Microsoft-owned firm have recognised that many of you now love to take selfies and this HD camera, combined with the wide angle lens, means you can now take superb shots of yourself and your friends and surrounding area while still looking at the screen.

It's a superb innovation and finally makes sense of the forward facing camera actually being there for those of us who have no use for the pre-installed Skype app. A "Lumia Selfie" app is even included on the phone.

But we're not finished there. The standard rear camera has not been neglected either, featuring a Carl Zeiss lens and offering you a slightly odd sized 6.7 megapixels and LED flash. Full HD 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second and stereo sound is available too.

Geo-tagging, face detection and panoramic mode are also included, as is an LED flash for low light shooting. An aperture of f/1.9, greater than on any other mobile phone, also assists with low light photos and macro shots.

Together all this makes the Lumia 730/735 the first phone to come with not one but two very decent cameras.

Intuitive customisable home screen

The Home screen features resizable live tiles, like icons on Android and Apple devices, but in square format which you can resize to suit your taste.

Instead of having to flick through a number of different screens and remember where you put everything this intuitive system soon has you placing the most used ones at the top and the lesser used ones lower down, possibly with smaller tiles - you choose!

Many apps feature Live Tiles too. These tiles can be rectangular and are perfect for News and Sport apps, messages and notes.

You can see the latest news, football results, twitter feeds or even have an ever changing feed of your favourite photos or the latest currency rates.

The latest update also includes the ability to group your apps into named folders.

A simple swipe to the right takes you to an A-Z apps list, while a long press on any app in the list gives you the option to pin it to the Home screen, uninstall it, rate and review it or even share it.

Swipe down to get instant access to the Action Centre, where you will find four customisable buttons which you can set to change the brightness, stop the screen auto rotation or toggle on or off features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Airplane Mode. You choose your most used features.

Below those buttons is a quick link to your phone settings list followed by your notifications - these can be incoming texts, missed calls, news alerts or app updates among other things. A one-touch button clears these alerts.

It is so simple it's child's play, yet has a professional look and feel about it too. If ever you needed proof that the finest ideas are the simplest you have it with the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.

Talking digital personal assistant

The Lumia 735 will also be the first phone with Cortana, Microsoft's version of Apple's Siri talking digital personal assistant pre-installed here in the UK.

Those who have used Cortana will correctly tell you it is better than both Siri and Android's version, Google Now.

You can speak to this digital assistant and it will talk back to you, answering anything from simple questions like calculations, to telling you what the weather is doing today or find you a local ATM cash machine or filling station.

Microsoft's version also includes some nifty additional features too, such as Quiet Hours which silences the phone and can be set to only receive calls from contacts of your choice.

It also connects with your calendar notes, so if you have a flight logged it will notify you of flight delays in advance, or traffic conditions for your drive to the airport.

You can also set reminders for certain contacts too which pop up when you call those contacts, or when they call you. Cortana has been a while coming to the UK for Windows Phone fans but it has been worth the wait without a doubt, and we love it.

Full compliment of premium smartphone features

Technically, every feature you expect from a midrange smartphone is here, including GPS for satellite navigation and location based apps, stereo Bluetooth, NFC which is fully useable for contactless payments and touch to transfer files and photos.

Full NFC functionality shames Apple's iPhone 6 version which only works with their Apple Pay payment wallet, and even that is only currently available in the USA for the foreseeable future.

Active Noise cancellation with a dedicated microphone works wonderfully well against heavy background noise, particularly outdoors, and DLNA allows you to view your videos and listen to your tunes on a like-enabled TV or Home Theatre system.

You can also forget messing around with wires completely as wireless charging is built in, with a wireless charger provided in the box.

It's one of those features that you will wonder how you ever managed without and you definitely will not to go back to plugging a charger cable into your phone - although you can still do this with the Lumia 730 and 735 if you prefer to do so.

Our summary

It is difficult to find a Nokia Lumia phone that isn't likeable, but this is a wonderfully well thought out package that, if all things in life were fair, should have buyers clamouring to move to Windows Mobile in almost the same numbers as they flock to the new iPhones when they are released.

Sadly that will not be the case. Windows Phone fans will be happy in the knowledge that they can buy the Nokia Lumia 735 for a fraction of the price of the equivalent iPhone with the same screen size and, almost, same resolution.

But it is with some regret that we have to accept that this won't find it's way into the hands of the masses.

That's a shame, because it will be their loss. We think it's fantastic and you should place it very high on your smartphone shopping list. If you have never tried Windows Phone for whatever reason now is definitely the time.

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NOKIA Lumia 735



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