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O2 were formed way back in 1985 under the name of Cellnet as part of BT, formerly British Telecom, the company that provided most of the UK’s landline telephones. In 2005 they were sold to Spanish company Telefonica who trade as the Movistar network in most countries, but the popular O2 brand name has been retained in the UK.

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O2 TOP TIP – Extend your ring time

Does your O2 mobile switch to answerphone too early? Do you keep missing those calls? Just type this into your phone’s dial pad and extend your ring for up to 30 seconds

**61*901*11*30# then press CALL

The last two digits before the # define your ringtime in 5 second gaps, so to set it for 20 seconds you would enter **61*901*11*20#.
Don’t forget: To turn on your Voicemail answerphone dial 1750, and to turn it off dial 1760

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