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We’re not sure if this is a phone or a tablet, or even at what point a phone becomes a tablet anymore. The 6.3 inch screen would be considered small for a tablet but for a phone it’s a veritable leviathan.

The first thing you will not fail to notice is that it is, in appearance at least, very Galaxy S4-like and bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which has a 5.5 inch screen although we feel that all Samsung’s smartphones tend to have a “Me too” look about them. To add to the confusion Sony have now released the even bigger 6.4-inch screened Xperia Z Ultra, which Sony describe as a phone. Well better that than a ‘phablet’ – a word invented to describe a phone/tablet device like this one, which we think is one of the daftest words to have been invented in recent years but maybe it’s just us.

Mega size screen

Confused? Well Samsung have also produced a 5.8 inch version too. In the end it’s simply a matter of what size matters to you. It’s a strange decision to us that Samsung have bothered to produce this at all. We don’t recall anybody telling us that the screen on the Galaxy Note 2 was an inch too small so we’re not really sure what the intended market is for this monolith.

We feel we need to point out that it doesn’t sport the Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S4, instead opting for an S-LCD panel which doesn’t have the colour sharpness or contrast of it’s smaller brother. This suggests it’s designed more for practical use rather than aimed at those who seek screen perfection on their devices.

The display is HD, but you’ll have to settle for 720p and not the 1080p displays we have now become used to as standard on high-end smartphones – or tablets. That said, the colour and clarity will still impress you and the anti-fingerprint coating will come in handy on a device with so much screen real-estate.

Two hand job!

It is best used with two hands though as you might expect, with one hand cradling it while the other navigates especially as it measures an additional 2 centimeters across than the Galaxy S4. Yet you can’t add more icons or apps to the screen, they are simply larger.

The big screen of course means it is easier to read text on websites, and as a video player the screen size means it comes into it’s own. But for writing text the larger than you are used to keyboard feels a little awkward and for taking photos or calls it looks a little silly, but if you do wish to use the snapper then photos are sharp and clear and of course you get access to android’s full range of photo-enhancing apps, many of which are free to download.

We also feel that there is a serious risk of dropping it as it is difficult to hold up with one hand – in fact it is probably a case of when rather than if. You will of course need big pockets to store it in.

Excellent battery life

It’s reasonably snappy in operation thanks to the Qualcomm 1.7GHz processor and 1.5GB of RAM, yet feels a little slower than most manufacturers flagship models but this is not something you will notice in everyday use. Surprisingly though, for something with such a large screen, battery life is pretty amazing and up to 2 days normal use can be squeezed out of it between charges.

Our summary

To sum up then our opinion is that the Samsung Galaxy Mega is not a bad handset in any way, shape or form. We just don’t get the point of it given the plethora of similar devices on the market. But it’s not called the Mega for nothing so you think if a jumbo-sized mobile phone would look great alongside your Hummer please don’t let us stop you! Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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  1. Haha great review, I like your style. I already got mine, luv it but you are dead right, it’s embarrassing answering a call when u r out! Mark

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