Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE review, rating and latest UK deals & offers

The Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE is basically the Samsung Galaxy S6 - with an edge - a sloping glass screen edge. Let's see what all the fuss, and higher price tag, is all about.

Our rating
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Coming March 2015

Main features

  1. Stunning 5.1 inch QUAD HD screen
  2. Excellent 16 megapixel camera
  3. 4G handset
  4. Gorilla Glass 4 screen with sloped edges
  5. Solid, metal framed construction
  6. Premium build quality
  7. Android v5 Lollipop

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by Jim Monroe

There are no rules, it seems, when trying to get your phone to the top of the premium charts. Apple came out with not one, but two models with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

But while the Samsung Galaxy S6 might have aped Apple in the design stakes, the Korean manufacturer have gone in a very different direction with the Galaxy S6 Edge. While the 5.5 inches screen of Apple's 6 Plus is effectively just a bigger iPhone than the 4.7 inch iPhone 6, Samsung's S6 and S6 Edge have exactly the same screen size.

Curved edge glass screen

In fact they have exactly the same everything. The S6 and the Edge are effectively the same phone, even down to the display size. The only real difference between the two is that the Edge has a curved edge screen, dubbed the dual curve screen by Samsung.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to follow:

If the S6 looked like the top class smartphone we have been waiting for from Samsung then the S6 Edge takes it a step further. The striking, unmistakable looks of the screen tells you immediately which is which, as the glass almost melts off the edge and slides down towards the back of the phone.

This brings a difference in the design of the sides of the phone. The rounded, iPhone 6-like metal framed edges of the S6 give way to a much narrower frame with sliver-thin buttons which almost blend in to the sides.

The curved glass is made of Gorilla Glass 4, which is the strongest edition yet and will help save the screen from damage better than ever before. Those edges do have a purpose too. Notificaions will appear along those edges, offering you a whole new way of viewing them.

Familiar design

This design is similar to that first seen on the Galaxy Note 4 Edge, but that device had a slightly odd look about it as the curved form only appeared on the right hand side of the glass, with the left hand side offering a more traditional look. While that wasn't to everybody's taste, on the S6 Edge it just works. It looks stunning.

The problem is it might have almost consigned the S6 to history before it even goes on sale. Anybody who looks at both devices is going to want the Edge. Every time. We're wondering if Samsung should have foregone the former and just produced the S6 Edge as it almost seems pointless producing both.

Higher price tag

Of course, this model is going to be the more expensive of the two, and the price difference is expected to be around £100 more. That's a lot for a curve on the screen, because to begin with you will have to pay more for the 64GB version. There's no 32GB offering here, only 64GB and 128GB so you're going to need deep pockets.

Black, White and gold colours are available here too, but instead of blue the fourth option is a deep metallic green.

The only other change is a fractionally larger 2600 mAh battery instead of 2550 mAh, we're not sure why.

Our summary

We never thought we would be saying this of a Samsung Android smartphone, but the S6 Edge is the most beautiful smartphone we have ever seen. There is an excellent balance of features with fewer of the gimmicks that have made previous phones like the S4 and S5 a little gimmicky in places, and finally Samsung have concentrated on developing a premium handset that is worthy of the name rather than just the price tag.

But it won't come cheap. The iPhone 6 Plus costs £699 on Pay As You Go and the this is not likely to be much, if all, cheaper. For that reason it loses points on our value for money rating. If the screen design isn't important to you, save your money and buy the S6. There is literally nothing else to choose between that and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.