Top 50 FREE Android apps – 1-10

Our favourite apps from Google Play

Our top 50 FREE android apps

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1. Dropbox

Whether your phone has lots of storage space or not so much, you can get more free cloud storage with Dropbox. Syncs across your devices too

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2. TouchPal

This fantastic replacement for your keyboard lets you type just by sliding your finger from letter to letter. You'll wonder how you coped without it!

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3. WhatsApp

See when your contacts are online and send them messages and photos completely free worldwide over 3G & Wi-Fi

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4. Facebook

The famous online portal lets you share your latest chat, photos, videos, and see what your friends are up to wherever in the world they are

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5. Evernote

The brilliant app which lets you take and save notes, photos, to-do lists and access them directly from your phone or computer

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6. Skype

Communicate with Skype, the messaging and videocalling app. Make video calls over wi-fi and send free messages worldwide

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7. Shazam

The app that recognises music that's playing even if you don't, at the touch of a button. You can buy the tracks and play the videos too

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8. Firefox

The excellent free desktop browser comes to Android. Even if you're happy with the stock browser it's always worth keeping a "spare"

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9. Twitter

Use your short messages, or "tweets" to chat to your friends or to the world. Great for sending links of your favourite things - like 1st Mobile!

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10. YouTube

The famous Google video site has it's own app where you can watch HD videos, share them worldwide or even upload your own!

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